Thursday, January 29, 2009

Interview Time

Almost. In just a couple of hours (after this, and a couple loads of laundry, and a school visit) I will have my first radio interview. And I am suddenly growing nervous.

I'm just talking to a guy on the phone.

I am telling him how delightful I am, and how charming Bright Blue Miracle is, and how his Sunday Morning Audience (mainly grandmas) will love to buy this lovely book for their grandgirls. 

That's not so hard, is it?

But I'm feeling a little sweaty anyway. 

Maybe because I have never done this before. Maybe because I fear I'll have a hyper, squeaky radio voice. Maybe because I have turned in a totally different manuscript and started another totally different book since the last time I looked at this one. Maybe because I heard the words "twenty minutes" and I have lived through some really long twenty-minuteses in my life. 

And maybe because I have to anticipate his questions: What is your book about? (Um.) What inspired you to write it? (Ah.) How long have you been a writer? (Gulp.) 

I think I need to say that it's fun. And clean. And hopeful. And great, fabulous, hilarious, heartbreaking, witty, and wonderful. 

Can I say that?

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