Monday, January 12, 2009

Random Becca-ness

*I eat too fast. I'm somehow sure the next bite will taste better than this one.

*I read too fast. I almost always have to reread a good book. 

*I make hot breakfast every school day, including but not limited to: muffins, German Pancakes, whole-wheat pancakes (that everyone but Scott likes, and he'll eat them), multi-grain waffles, breakfast burritos, French toast, scrambled eggs, runny eggs (yeah, I know, but this isn't a restaurant and I don't need an e-coli or salmonella warning on my menu) and great smoothies. But I eat a 1/2 cup portion of homemade granola with skim milk and craisins. Every day.

*I like to grocery shop. I always make a list and usually stick to it.

*If I can go two months without entering a Wal-Mart, I feel like I can have a reward.

*I love mail. In the mailbox, the mail with stamps and envelopes.

*I sleep with lots of pillows.

*I love my kids, but other people's kids rather annoy me. I am not proud of this.

*I am faintly disturbed when a book I love is made into a sub-standard movie (see Despereaux - or rather, don't see it. Read it.)

*Sometimes yogurt is gross to me. Maybe it's the word. Yogurt. Eww.

*Although I need to have a friend, I do not need to see that friend every day. Or weekly. 

*Even though I don't believe in book banning, I will tell my kids not to read some things. Sometimes for protection, sometimes to prolong innocence, but mostly to avoid wasting their time.

*I wish I had stayed in piano lessons.

*Being nice is more important to me than being right. At least as far as you know. I will be nice about being right (to your face).

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