Saturday, January 3, 2009

Fun in a Bookstore

So I went and looked at my shelves at a bookstore. My shelves. Several shelves. All mine. Someone is thinking positive, because there are lots and lots of copies of my book on shelves in Deseret Book Stores. And the book hasn't officially come out yet! In February, hopefully there will be a whole lot more books in a whole lot more stores.

Confession: In the tiny DB store in Provo, I went in and turned every copy (at least 50, HOLY COW) face forward. I didn't push anyone else's books off the shelves, or even cover them up. I just turned mine so everyone can see the cute cover, because that's what's going to do the trick.

It's kind of like seing one of my kids in a show - that same giddy/proud/nervous feeling. But I like it. And people are buying it. Several. They've told me! So what that they're nearly all related (to me). I just happen to be related to a whole lot of very generous book-buyers. And in fairness, they're not all related to me. Some of them have just loved me for a lot of years!


  1. Wow! That must be a surreal kind of fun.... Besides getting my own copy (of course) I'm so going to ask the librarian here to order your book (and I think she'll listen as I was the one who suggested she get Twilight and Goose Girl a few years back :) )

  2. Wow, yay! I'm so excited to go find it on shelves. Good job Becca!

  3. fun blog! fun book! It looks so cute! I would buy it just for the cover! (I'm glad you turned them all face forward!) It was so fun to see you at Norman's reception! I will have to check out your book next time we are near a Deseret Book (we have none in Twin Falls :( - maybe I can go in and talk to do the local LDS bookstore here?)


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