Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Ready to Submit

This morning, while not watching the inauguration, I'm doing the Un-American: Readying my next manuscript for submission. This is a good thing for the following reasons:

Once I turn on the telly, I'll stay in front of it until someone calls me away. This could take hours.

The "readying" process consists mainly of double-spacing my entire manuscript and adding Chapter breaks (harder than you may think.)

If the company wants it, that means a happy little advance check will come my way sooner or later. (Hopefully sooner.)

It feels good to know that this book is a little better than my last one, and they wanted that - so logically, they Must and Should and Ought To want this.

I've had a lot of really good help polishing this manuscript. Having other people read my work is scary (in a Walking-Naked-In-Public sort of way), but it always turns out so much better with their great suggestions. (Let us not speak of their dumb suggestions. Ever again.) 

So cross your fingers for me! Here we go.

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