Thursday, January 8, 2009

writing it out

I've been pounding out some backstory and setting up the setting for my next project. It's more prewriting than I've done before, and it's pretty fun. I'm getting set up with a lot of characters (major and minor) who have motivations and desires. This will surely help me when I come upon those pesky plot problems I'm so aware of.

Writing is fun. And since I'm not a person who has ever actually wanted a job (the kind you have to shower for, and get out of the yoga pants) this is going to work out really nicely. Plus, there's the "just a couple of  hours a day" part and the "take a nap in the afternoon if you must" part that I find appealing. 

I mean, who wouldn't?

As long as you don't care if you ever get paid, that is. And I guess I don't. Who knew?

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