Tuesday, January 6, 2009


I'm proud to be able to report that it is now more than a week since I have had any sugar!

Okay, that is not totally true. I'm eating fruit, and that's practically all sugar. But I haven't had any of the white crystalline kind, or even the white powdered kind, since sometime late December. 

(Except what's on my craisins. And the dried mangoes. But really, really, not any other.)

Would you like to know what has sugar in it? Short answer - anything you'd want to eat for breakfast. Or lunch (like salad dressing) or a snack or dinner. 

Ham. Spagetti sauce. Any "low-fat" dairy product (and what's the point of that, anyway? If God wanted butter or sour cream to be low fat, he would have had them come out of the cow  that way, right?). Cereal. Doritos (okay, I don't actually eat Doritos unless I'm pregnant, and I'm not, but I thought it would be fair to give you a good cross-section).

Did I mention that I don't count honey? Because, come on. So if I make my own bread (white or wheat) and a batch of granola, I can do pretty well. Until I get so food-bored that I could spit. 

But really, I feel better. So it's good. Food is good. I am good. Oh, good.

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