Friday, January 2, 2009

New Year, New Story

This morning, I finished another draft of the new book. It has no title. But it does have characters, and a story line. Very fun for me. So now I send it to readers (most of whom are also writers) to give me advice and feedback on how to make it good. That's fun, too. Except for the parts where they say "start over" or "this really sucks" -- which, in fairness, they hardly ever do. This is not the most painful part of the writing process for me, but it is a little scary to lay my story naked out on a table and let people poke at it.

And now, while I wait, on to the next!

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  1. Whoa, you have finished another draft of that book you just started in August? That is fast! I never would have thought you were chugging out so many words the way you talk about struggling to write. You are a writing machine! Yay for Becca!

    I wish mine came out that fast, but in all fairness, I'm not Becca and I'm okay with that. In addition, I just realized that my book isn't a middle grade novel either. Mine is going to be an epic fantasy. Yuck, I hate to say that because I don't really like epic fantasy. -sigh-


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