Monday, February 2, 2009

The aired interview is over

So it wasn't awful. But it wasn't great, either. It was fine. Nice. I sounded a little squeaky and nervous. And the editors were taking the weekend off, apparently. Because they didn't edit out the "off-camera" sort of talk. Like the part where the interviewer said, "Becca, you're doing great." And I said, "If we're going long, feel free to edit out whatever makes me sound like an idiot." That part was not edited out. It was played. Twice, in fact. Once as we went to commercial, and again as we came back. 

And the part where he asked me to tell what the next project was, and as I began to answer, the music played right over my words. 

These are the things that give us a sense of humor. And remind us that we're not such a big fat deal after all.


  1. Wow, Becca! You did it! Sorry about the editing problems. Thank goodness they aren't your book editors. So you're next book is officially turned in? Yeah!! What does shadow mountain have lined up next on the marketing tour?

  2. My beautiful mom saw your book and bought it for me, I started yesterday and am totally hooked!!!! I'm so stoked to finish it and even more stoked for you that you have a book published!!! YAY!


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