Wednesday, February 11, 2009

You've been Tagged!

What is the deal with these Facebook lists? Suddenly Facebook lists seem as common as politician's tax-fraud confessions. I have, over the past two weeks, been "tagged" in about twenty different lists. "One word" and "25 Things" and "Bucket Lists" and on and on. I have never responded to one, but something about me tells people that I want to read all of their details. 

Okay, that was unfair. I think guilt is working on me. Because, in fact I do read them. All of them. And I am occasionally startled by how eloquent some of my friends are. But I don't want to respond. I don't want to make my own lists. I don't want to do the 2009 equivalent of knocking on someone's door and saying, "HEY! Let me tell you all the most random personal things I'm thinking!"

So maybe I'm just wondering why, all of the sudden, they're everywhere? Is this a new thing? Or am I newly popular? (Hmmm, interesting theory...)

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  1. They've been around for a while. Blogs have them. I am with ya Bec, while I read them, I have never and probably will never do one. Don't have time and the brain power needed to seem witty is beyond me most days. Miss ya.


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