Thursday, February 19, 2009


My ears are ringing. 

We've been bread-free in  our house for three and a half days, and I finally shook off the laziness this morning and got busy.

(These things are related. Wait for it.)

While the kids were eating their breakfasts near 7:00, I pulled out the wheat grinder and loaded it up. This is not the oldie arm-crank grinder, where you can cross both "make bread" and "lift weights" off the to-do list simultaneously. This is the oh-I'm-so-happy-it's-making-perfect-flour-without-me electronic model. 

And it roars like a jet engine.

Several times in the 9 minutes it took to grind enough flour for 3 loaves plus a tub-full, I turned to find one or more of my children red-faced and hollering at me for something. (We know not to vacate our seats at the table, or our breakfast shall be confiscated immediately.) I could actually  hear my right eardrum vibrating. Loudly.

When I turned the dumb thing off, I felt ten pounds lighter and more able to breathe. 

Then I started the mixer. 

Oh, the motor-noise.

But it makes good bread. Very, very good bread. Yeah, at the cost of my hearing, and possibly my sanity. But who needs hearing and sanity when there's SUCH GOOD BREAD?

I ask you, what would you not trade for really, really good bread? With butter? Or even without?

'Scuse me. I think I hear someone screaming for me. But possibly that's just the leftover ringing in my ears.

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  1. We must have the same grinder....I make Preston do it for me in the garage!


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