Monday, August 10, 2009

That Sound

You know that sound, somewhere between exasperation and disgust? That huffy, "uhnnnngh" sound that can be drawn out for several seconds?

Yeah, that.

I called someone this weekend to check if she was still okay to do something she'd agreed to do. Her husband answered the phone.

He called her to the phone, and I heard this:

Him: It's Becca Wilhite.
Her: Uhnnnnngh.

I had to pull the phone up around my head so he wouldn't hear me laughing.

See, the thing is, I always think people are doing that noise about me. I assume they're rolling their eyes, wondering "really, what does she want now?" I have numbers to prove, since the advent of callerID, many of my acquaintances have stopped answering my calls. Proof. Fact. And I am thrilled to report that the latest incident of huffy-angst made me laugh.

Because I'm okay with that. I'm all right with the fact that she was disgruntled, knowing that I was asking her to do something she already committed to, and didn't want to do anymore. It was not my bad. And it was funny.

Husband thinks it's funny, too, and has followed me around this weekend, doing "uhnngh" noises at me whenever I ask him to a) close a window b) grab me a glass c) tuck in a kid d) turn off a light. He's hilarious.

And I'm making HUGE strides. Because weeks ago, that would have hurt my feelings (the phone conversation, not Husband - I'm totally past letting his comedy hurt my feelings). A year ago, it would have made me cry. But now I laugh.

Because, really? That's funny.


  1. Glad you can see the humor in it. It's definitely interesting dealing with people, isn't it? I hope you always call me and I promise I'll never make the unnnnghh sound. I am excited about my new calling, thanks! BTW, you are doing FABULOUS, of course.

  2. I am glad you are laughing. I wouldn't avoid you. If you were calling me I would have probably needed the reminder. I forgot to show up to a meeting today... nobody called and I remembered about 4 hours too late. Maybe the person I was meeting forgot too.

  3. You're a stronger woman than I. That kind of thing would keep me in my bathrobe for a week. I wonder if I'll ever grow up...

  4. If I ever get told you're on the phone for me I promise to squeal with delight and do a really frightening looking little happy dance before picking up the phone.

    It really is a great thing though, to find the humour in life rather than the angst. I've learned that either taking a picture and/or writing about it helps increase the humour factor exponentially.

  5. I'm with Kim. I'd love to hear from you no matter what!
    You have wonderful perspective, Becca. Would that I was so wise.

  6. You have such a good attitude and sense of humor - if only I could laugh at that sound but it drives me crazy!


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