Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Happy Birthday, Kid 2!

Kid 2 is twelve years old today. This photo is a year old, but she chose it to be posted here. I like it. Her dad took it, and they're both pretty proud of it (as they very well should be). I learned a lot of really important things from my parenting experiences with Kid 2, especially in the first few years. Things that have been crucial to my parenting style, my ability to let things go, and my growing up.

Hey, Kid 2? Here's what I know now. I know you are a brilliant light. You shine. I know you have a great capacity to understand things, in books, in hearts, in attitudes, in souls. I know you learn things, both in school and with your talents, easily - and that isn't enough for you: you need to keep pushing. The easy rests there, while the deeper unfolds.

You care. You love. You laugh, and you make us laugh. I know you have a great respect for people and for things of the spirit. I know your heart holds joy and gladness and light, but also that it keeps sadness and criticism and disappointment, holding them there, too. I know that you could live happily on white bread, strawberry-cheesecake milkshakes, and Shannon Hale books. I know you have a sense of adventure, either in games, travel, food, or dreams. You have a great artistic talent, and I love to find your cartoons on scraps of paper in the kitchen, the office, my bedroom, the car....

I know your sweetness. I know your sensitivity. I know your drive. I know your insecurity. I know your musicality. I know your danciness. I know your smile. I know your laugh. I know your dreams and your goals and I know your beautiful heart.

Happy birthday, my sweet Kid 2. What a wonderful young woman you are!

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  1. What a beautiful tribute to a beautiful girl! I hope my own girls turn out half so well!


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