Thursday, August 20, 2009

Body Image Alert!

Okay, so everyone in the world must know this already, but not so much me.

So here it is:

If I feel crappy about me and sit and do nothing (except maybe eat a bag of caramel popcorn) I will continue to feel crappy and possibly even feel worse. Surprise!

But if I do a little goodness, like take a walk or jog, or eat something healthy instead of strawberry cheesecake ice cream, or lift weights, or do a little yoga* I feel better about me. Even if the pounds don't go down, or the muscles don't feel toned (which they usually do) I feel better.

Effort = (emotional) result.

Who knew? Oh, you knew? Well, now we all know.

*alone, not with company. I'm a giggler if anyone else is around.


  1. It's funny that your post is back to back in my blogroll with another one about the exact same thing (but in a good way). I need this reminder today because even though I relearned this lesson yesterday afternoon, I have to relearn it again this morning.

  2. This is definitely one of those things I know, but haven't quite accepted/embraced yet. Well put!

  3. p.s. Oh, and public yoga totally makes me giggle too.


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