Friday, August 7, 2009

It's Friday! Let's Party!

Husband and Kid 4 are heading out tonight for the annual Fathers and Sons' camp-out. Honestly, we're not much for camping in our family. This is why we have a mortgage, you know - so we can sleep in our beds with window screens between us and the bugs. But this Fathers and Sons' thing is a tradition (I'm not sure why), and Husband was sonless for many of his fathering years. Once he took Kid 1, but over my objections. He won. He always wins.

The forecast for tonight at the lake where they're camping is rainy, high of 70, low of 41. This does not sound like prime camping weather to me. But, hey - I'm not going. Being neither a father nor a son has such advantages.

Like this: Netflix is sending the BBC's Pride and Prejudice (both discs) and there will be some serious Girl Stuff going on tonight. We will eat veggie pizza (with pesto and mushrooms and artichoke hearts and onions and spinach and sun-dried tomatoes and green peppers and olives and fresh mozzarella. We will also eat lots, lots, lots of good popcorn with a great deal of butter. (Um, yes. Girls' Night revolves almost completely around food and British accents. Thanks for asking.) There may be some toenail painting, but I make no guarantees - our hands will be full of pizza and popcorn.

Hope your weekend is joyful, too!


  1. Oh how idyllic that sounds!

    When your finish Pride & Prejudice, I heartily recommend the British series As Time Goes By. Hilarious and heartwarming. Neil and I were watching it again just last night.

    Have fun!

  2. Since I'm the only girl in my house, Father/Sons = total bliss. It's my favorite weekend. I load up on all my favorite treats and BUY, yes BUY, a couple of books and have the best time ever.

  3. Oh, fun! I always feel a little lonely during Fathers and Sons. You know, since I'm the only girl at this house. I think it's so lovely that you have such lovely daughters to spend time with.

    Also, have you watched North and South (also BBC)? Richard Armitage=swoon.

  4. I love the movie, and the food, and the toe nail painting. I am totally there. Except that I am not. But I'm there in spirit.

  5. That sounds like a great night! (On an unrelated note, I picked up your book today from the store. Can't wait to read it!)


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