Friday, August 21, 2009

New Here?

Really, what is with my children?

We have company coming tomorrow (my Clean sister and her beautiful kids) and I've asked my kids to help clean up the house. Now let's be fair. I'm doing the hard stuff. And the gross stuff. I'm merely asking them to do the (gasp) normal stuff that they should be doing every day anyway.

They seem very surprised. Are they new here? Why is it such a shocker for me to ask a little of them?


Cleaning bedrooms: hanging clothes on hangers, making sure drawers can close, exorcising under the beds, getting vacuum-ready, changing sheets.

Cleaning their bathroom: locating the counter, finding a home for the towels (alas, the note that made them laugh didn't stay effective very long), wiping down the shower curtain, and the usual bathroom cleaning business.

Straightening the basement. Not too hard, since they've mostly outgrown playing with toys and dress-ups, so everything that's been used lately has been used by small visitors.

And me? I have been working for 2 days, but still have to mow the lawn, clean the top of the fridge (it's not her, it's me), prepare the chicken parts I bought yesterday (cut off all the gooey parts and slice in filets), bake a birthday cake (did I mention that we're going to Grandma's Annual Summer Camp-out and Birthday Extravaganza tonight?) wrap 4 gifts, go to the grocery store for Hummus-dipping veggies (want my fantastic Hummus recipe?), vacuum the house (we have an unfortunate amount of wall-to-wall here), and clean my bathroom. Before 4:00.

What am I doing in front of the computer? Maybe I'm new here, too.

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  1. I have company coming in five hours. My house is covered with a light dusting of ash because we left the windows open and there's a forest fire roaring an hour from here. When I woke up to find my house looking like it had been seasoned with salt and pepper, I pretty much gave up.

    I need the hummus recipe! I literally just bought all the ingredients for hummus a few days ago but have been trying to decide which of the recipes I found online to trust...


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