Monday, August 3, 2009

Ideas aren't Enough

I have an idea for another story.

YEA! Cause for celebration!

I haven't been doing a lot of writing lately, because I'm revising. * And revising is good. I want my book to be as good as it can, so I'm attacking it before the editor gets started, because logically the cleaner it is before she gets to it, the better she can make it, right?

But it has been awfully easy to find excuses. I'm jogging (over 4 miles this morning), I've got meetings, someone needs help practicing the piano, someone needs a tennis partner, there's a good book to read, I should make some bread, taking a shower is a good idea** ~~ like that.

But Kid 1 was playing one of those "if you only really knew me" songs in the car the other day - you know, the "I like being your friend, sure, but your girlfriend is sort of a skank/not good enough for you/actually an alien/simply not me, so you should be with me instead" sort of song. And I can write that. I actually already have it set up, as a sequel to what I've been working on since spring.

So why am I not doing it?

Um, I just finished jogging. So I need a shower. And I have a meeting in an hour and a half. And we don't have any bread. And Kids 3 and 4 really need to practice the piano. And I need to pick up Kid 2 from work and get her to violin lessons before she needs to babysit around the corner. And Kid 1 needs to play a little tennis.

And also, I'm lazy.

*That's code for "because I'm lazy"
**I totally believe this one


  1. I haven't started my third one for eerily similar reasons. And also because in my head right now it sounds way too similar to that movie "Two Weeks Notice" and I have to fix that. And I have revisions to do on #2 for myself and edits to do on #1 for my publisher. So...

    You're not alone.

  2. I'm way excited for your new idea! Best of luck getting in some time. (And hey! You're one busy mama! It's totally understandable.)

  3. It is good to take things slow sometimes, just make sure you don't take so long that it becomes stale. Ideas need to grow up eventually they get moldy..... at least I feel that way sometimes.

    Showers are a good thing, and jogging too.

    I'm excited to hear more about your idea though.


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