Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Relative Utility of Sinatra and Brando

Ironing. I hate it. Not the doing of it, precisely, but the time it takes away from anything really fulfilling. Like eating marshmallows right out of the bag, or reading a book, or painting my toenails.*

But, hey - I'm not one to complain about an unpleasant task when instead I can make said task more enjoyable.

Enter Sinatra and Brando. Specifically, "Guys and Dolls" on DVD. There is such an abundance of goodness there that I find myself singing along (especially Miss Adelaide's "A Person Could Develop a Cold") only to find that several shirts are ready for Husband to wear to work. In fact, I go looking for more ironing options. Like Kid 4's little churchy button-downs, and the girls' scarves, and maybe even kitchen towels. (Okay, that was a lie. I do not iron towels. Ever. But you get the idea.)

This also works well for wrapping Christmas gifts.

Yes, you're welcome. I'm only here to help you.

* I have discovered, though, that if I do a coat of toe-polish and then iron a shirt, it's just about time to do another coat. But that's multi-tasking to a ridiculous extent, so let's never speak of it again.


  1. I got the horse right here, His name is Paul Revere and here's a guy that says if the weather's clear. Can Do. Can do this guy says the horse can do. If he says the horse can do. Can Do Can Do.


  2. I do that same thing with Jane Austen/Elizabeth Gaskell movies and "You've Got Mail." I love those shows and they've helped me mate many a sock. =D

  3. I fold laundry in much the same way. Ironing though? Just doesn't happen in my house.

  4. Paint first coat onto toenails. Load dishwasher. Paint second coat onto toenails. I don't iron. And I do mindless tasks (like folding laundry) while watching Star Trek.

  5. That is ridiculous multi-tasking. Here's what I do - neither activity! Think of the volume of marshmallows you could eat if you adopted my strategy:)


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