Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Holding the Happy

Hey, guess what? I've got something to tell you... I received a small box of small books. Really pretty books with a cute swoony redhead on the cover. And also on the cover? My name. Right down there in the lower right corner.

And I discovered something about myself, about how I work. Something about my M.O., my style, my heart. I am a giver-away-er. I want to give a book to everyone I know. Also strangers. And Libraries. And set them in public places, like waiting rooms and bus stops and grocery lines.

Husband laughs.

I laugh, too, because I know it's silly to give away all the twenty books Mr. Publisher gave me.*


I want to give one. Just one. Here's the deal. You leave me a comment, telling me either:
1. The best book you've ever read that's a romance but not a Romance, if you know what I mean, or
2. Your most embarrassing slip-up regarding a "person of interest" of the opposite gender, or
3. Who you will share "My Ridiculous Romantic Obsessions" with (after you read it) if you win a copy (bonus points if they blog)**

Easy, right? I'll choose a random winner on, um, let's see... Thursday morning. Yes, dear, I know that's a holiday. But I'll be home, and you can check in anytime. Please don't let me disturb your busy social schedule.

As for softening your despair if you aren't the random winner... I hear rumors. See, this book is published by Shadow Mountain, who is owned by Deseret Book. So even though the official release date is March 4th or something (I only know that because in a fit of insanity I checked on Barnes&Noble's website), books are being spotted at Deseret Book stores near you.*** And if I were less lazy, I'd go check the Shadow Mountain website to see if you can order online. Oh, all right. Hold on, please.

(Hm, hm, hm....****)

Yeah, okay. Maybe not online yet. But soon. Soon, I tell you! (as far as I know)

OH, YEAH - also, my toe is mending. Thank you. I can sleep. I can breathe in and out. I can hobble. I have to put on shoes later this morning. Pray for me.

So have a happy day, please. And if you want to be a winner, just know that you already are, in my book. But not necessarily OF my book. You know what I mean.

*There aren't twenty left. Because... well, haven't you heard what I've been saying?
**That is a lie. This will be random. Because I'm feeling sort of random, you know?
***I mean, if you live near a Deseret Book Store. You understand.
***That's your hold music. Hope you enjoyed it.


  1. Ahhhg yeay Becca!! I'm so happy for you. I'm so happy that I'm going to answer all three of your questions.

    1) Far from the Madding Crowd by Thomas Hardy.

    2) I had cute guy #1 over for dinner at my dorm in Alaska when cute guy #2 showed up to take me on the date that I had forgotten about. That we never went on.

    3) My youngest sister, who loved Bright blue miracle and is excited for this one. She blogs, but it's rare. 16 year olds can't be trifled with things like that.

    Side note: Husband got me BBM for Christmas and it would love your signature inside:)

  2. Hooray that you got your author's copies! That's so exciting.

    1. Charlie by Jack Weyland. Because it's sweet but she dies in the end, so technically, it's not a romance.

    2. I met a cute boy when I went home one week for the summer. He was a missionary in my parent's branch. I got the bright idea that I would write him a letter when I got back to Utah (I was attending college there). I also wrote a letter to my cousin who was serving a mission in Ca. Somehow I switched the letters. Put them in the wrong envelopes. Not that big of a deal, you say? Well, in the letter to my cousin I talked all about the missionary I had met at home and about how cute I thought he was and about how I thought he liked me and that I was writing him a letter too. So that missionary knew exactly what I thought of him. They both got a good kick out of it. I got a husband out of it.

    3. I'll share it with my friend Michelyn. She's an aspiring writer like me and we switch books back and forth all the time.

    So excited for your book to come out, Becca!

  3. Loved the hold music. =] I totally heard "Girl from Ipanema."

    I'll have to think about my favorite "romance-not-a-romance" story.

    Alas, I don't have many embarrasing dating stories because I didn't date much. I did, however, go to prom with my boyfriend--just not with him. He lined up a date for me and then took someone else. Yeah. It sucked.

    Who will I share it with? Who will I NOT share it with? You can bet I'm blogging about it, baby. You're just too awesome not to!

  4. Blogged about Becca. =] (Well, you, incidentally.)

  5. Congratulations! Author copies- Wow! That is a dream come true.

    After I win this fab copy I will share it with my BFF who loves romance more than I care to share online!

  6. I'm new to your blog, thanks to L.T.Elliot and her post about you. I'd love to be included in your contest. I'm a big blogger and could not only review your book, but would love to have you as a guest blogger on Friendly Friday (any Friday). You could write about whatever you want and, of course, plug your book and your blog and anything else that makes you happy. Let me know if you're interested.

    As far as the contest goes, I would share it with my friend Becky, that is if I'm still talking to her when she gets back from HAWAII. The brat. Check out my blog at: www.christinebryant.blogspot.com

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  8. Too many typos in that comment! Embarrass for one who professes to have developed a few writing skills... Reposting here.

    Going to answer Q1: East of the Mountains, by David Guterson. Has some romance in it, but not a romance novel at all. Some incredible writing there, albeit you'll recognize a few flaws here and there. And a quick read.

  9. Hey Becca! As much as I would love to win your book I really don't think I can top the first two posts with their most embarrassing dates. You know I would post it on my blog and share with all my little friends! Oh and P.S. please don't look at my typos I am sure I have pelnty!
    Loves to you!

  10. How wonderfull for you. I look forward to the new book.
    I can't remember dating stores from so long ago. I do remember a trip to lagoon with our friends and neighbors and something about making bread :)
    I would have to share with Haley she loves to read. And for sure I would post about the book. I love sharing a good book with all of my blogging friends.

  11. Becca - L.T. Elliot recommended I come to your blog and now that I'm here I see that I've already read one of your books - Bright Blue Miracle - I saw the cover when I was at the library one day and I had to check it out. Very sweet book and the cover is gorgeous.
    I'd love to win one of your books.

    Hmmm best romance-nonromance book ever - Gone With the Wind.

  12. 1. Jane Eyre. Thought it probably counts as a romantic novel, I think it's not a typical romance novel, so it counts for our purposes here.

    2. It was a literal slip up. Sophomore year. Late for drama. Running from the seminary building and hit a sheet of ice. My feet literally slipped out from under me and I slid on my back and hit the big blue doors to the school with both feet. When who should walk out, as I'm lying on my back laughing hysterically? Steve G. The senior I had a crush on. (I did end up dating him for a short time after his mission, so he apparently wasn't too mortified by my lack of physical grace.)

    3. My friend Rebecca and her cute 13 year old daughter Christina. (How is it that all of my favorite friends are named Rebecca? I'm a lucky girl...)

  13. I'm too lazy to write out #1 and #2, but I will share this book with basically every single female friend or relative I have that blogs.

  14. I fully expect to own a copy whether I win one or not. I shall, however, expect it to be signed.

    1. "Endurance" about Shackelton's Antarctic expedition. He had a romance with that ship and it was very much a part of the story, though she was crushed by the ice. I guess there wouldn't have been a story had she not gone down.

    2. Slip-up. Hmm. Would tripping on some steps and smashing a chocolate ice cream cone all over the guy's maroon sweater as he came around the corner count as a slip-up?

    3. I shall share it with my niece who is an avid reader and blogger.

    Gotta admit, I'm a little jealous of you these days (except for the toe, of course).
    Congrats! Love ya!

  15. The best book you've ever read that's a romance but not a Romance? Water for elephants. Amazing story.

  16. 1. Bright Blue Miracle
    2. Bright Blue Miracle
    and Br...
    3. I'll share it with every 9th grade student at Maeser Prep via the class bookshelf! And then I'll drop it off daily at every doctor's office I know of and then I will buy 1000 more copies and distribute them in airports, bus stations and Chinese restaurants!


  17. Oh Becca, I love you so much!

    1. A Garden in the Rain by Lynn Kurland. It's a fantasy-esque romance, so not your traditional romance.

    I'm so excited to get your book, I may run around and hit all the deseret book stores near me today! (and there are quite a few)

  18. Ooh, I'm not sure if I can compete with Pat :) But I'll write this anyway, and then buy my own copies (plural)...
    1) The first one that comes to mind is The King of Attolia by Megan Whalen Turner--I love the things you discover about their relationship at the end.
    2) A guy once asked me, in the BYU library, if I "had a sec" I answered that I had "plenty of secs" (say that loudly, like I did. Preferrably on BYU campus. I swear there was 10 full seconds of silence in that building)...
    3) And I will recommend your book to friends and relatives, as well as to my MIL's Young Women book group, who will all buy it and have great discussions about embarrassing moments, self-image, priorities, and all sorts of other themes.

  19. I just adore you. Truly.

    1. The Hunger Games is what comes immediately to mind.
    2. I thought a guy was leaning in for a kiss so I leaned in too, turned out he wasn't, saw me leaning, freaked out, and we ended up colliding heads. Sigh.
    3. My good friend Angela who has never liked reading until I introduced her to Books-Worth-Reading! She's loved every book I've lent her and I can't wait to get her a copy of this one! Also all the Young Women of my acquaintance in hopes they can learn from Sarah's misadventures. =)

  20. I'll go with #3. The first person I'll share it with is my friend Melissa. Then many, many more. :)

    Of course, I'll be reading it no matter what, but I'd love the copy!

  21. Alright. At my wife's beckoning I am inclined to post.
    In response to question one:
    I cannot in good conscience call myself a Manly Guy and admit that I have read a romance novel and enjoyed it. So that question is out just on testosterone driven principal.

    That brings me to question Numero Dos:
    I once had a friend named Heather. All her friends called her Heathen. I somehow mixed that up and called her Heifer. Oops. I think that was 10 years ago and I still have not heard the end of it. Girls...sheesh.

    And Three.

  22. The best book I have read that is a romance, but not a romance....a toss-up between Pope Joan by Donna Woolfolk Cross and The Book Thief by Markus Zusak.

    Congrats Becca!

  23. I wish I had read this before today. I could have commented. Silly holidays make my blog reading time shortened. I bet you were super stoked to open that box.

    Well if you haven't drawn yet, you can sneak my name in right???? :D

  24. Oh I would first share with my sister, than my mom. Best romance that isn't Romance that I have read.....I dunno I really loved the romantic subplots of Harry Potter.

  25. Wow, I don't come around for a week and the comments explode. I should stay away more often!

    Anyway, holding your new books must feel awesome. Yay! Unfortunately, I have to wait until my little indie bookstore carries it but I'm excited to read it.


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