Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Pet Solution

My brilliant and lovely Kid 2 to the rescue, petwise.

She found Kid 4 a turtle that carries no salmonella (until he bathes it in egg - we hope that doesn't happen soon) and is virtually stink-free. Also, it doesn't die if you forget to feed it.

Introducing the grow-in-water pet turtle.

(Okay, I can't find a photo. But it's actually very cute.)

It should grow up to 6 times its size in 72 hours in a bowl of water. Or a series of progressively larger bowls of water, if you're us. So there it is. One happy boy, one superhero sister, one stinkless pet, and one relieved me.


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  2. (Let's try this again. I had so many typos on my first attempt)

    Why would you want a salmonella-free pet? Come on, germs are so cool.... :) But I guess grow-in-water pet sounds pretty cool too. :D

  3. Oh, I love grow in the water pets. I can throw them away when I'm sick of them =]


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