Monday, December 28, 2009

Justifying the Lazy

Once upon a time*, Husband made great hamburgers for dinner**. Yum. I prefer mine bunless (saving my calories for buttered popcorn, you know) and I finished first. So like a polite and well-adjusted person I went to rinse and stack my plate.


I managed to kick Husband's chair*** and say only "owie-owie," as opposed to the many fine blue words bouncing in my head. I walked it off. It didn't feel better. I put ice on it. I elevated. I sat around. I watched it swell. Right around the weird, hard bump. That was a bone.

Yup. I broke my toe.

Awesome, right?

I've had worse timing in my life, because there's no need for me to, say, drive anywhere in the next few days. But walking? Hurts. Sleeping? Also. Sitting around? Ditto. Plus, I've been really, really good about working out in the past week. I'm talking an hour at a time on the elliptical. That's over for a minute. The one bonus? The cute and generous BIL and SIL gave us wii-Fit for Christmas, and I didn't fight the Kids for a turn (because I know they'll tire of it by the time they go back to school, and it will be all mine) and now when I feel all better, no small cartoon man will berate me for my long lazy-stretch. Because, really, how do you justify the broken toe to the cartoon trainer?

* Saturday
**He often does this. He prefers to do it when it's positive degrees outside, but he'll agree to do it whenever I buy meat and buns.
***This was not pent-up agression. Just random stupidity.


  1. Gotta love those husbands who know how to make a burger. I'm married to one of those. So sorry about your toe. I love it when I have a good reason to sit and chill for a while. More time for writing.

  2. I broke a toe once and it sucks rocks! I'm sorry. =[
    Someone I know got a Wii fit for Christmas and said they were talking "smack" to it for berating them and the Wii Trainer talked smack back! How wild is that?!

  3. I hope you feel better soon and have fun with that Wii!

  4. First broken bone? Not sure I remember you breaking any before. I think I have a broken toe as well. Won't bore you with details. Not as embarassing as the scar on my chin (Glen Jaojoco) but not a noble as my torn ACL (Alta) either.

    As for "no matter what I do it hurts", I can offer up some major sympathy. It was Doug Wintz's errant pass that made me stretch so, and Tony Gutzwiller apparently couldn't pass up the unprotected target my ribs offered. Sitting, standing, laying, walking, breathing, holding breath... you name it and cracked ribs make it just that much more exciting. Remember Jack Clawson's cracked ribs?

  5. Ouch. I'm sorry Becca! It's funny how you don't even think about things like toes until you hurt one, and then you wonder how you took them for granted for so long!... Get well soon, friend....


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