Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Happy Birthday, Kid 4!

Sweet boy. Those words are used on lots of kids, but meant just for you.

I love the way you laugh, you smile, you sing, you play. I love the way you care and tend. I love your responsibility, your willingness, your obedience. I love the gap where your front teeth should be. I love the workings of your brain. I love your inclusiveness. I love to see you get excited about things like tomato soup, and skateboard toys, and play-doh. I love the way you do your jobs quickly, with a smile - especially the one that's called "give Mom hugs and kisses." I love the freckles across your whole face. I love to help you practice the piano, even on the days when hands-together makes you frustrated. I love listening to you read, and seeing your eyes light up when the words are funny. I love your gentle, your kind, your tender ways.

Six years ago today, you made our family complete. Every day since, you've brought us an armful of joy. Happy birthday, little buddy. I love you!


  1. Happy Birthday little guy!

    What a cutie, Becca. I'm so glad your family is complete and that you have such a tender relationship with this darling little one.

  2. Happy Birthday.

    A beautiful tribute to such an awesome little boy. I can hear you love for him in the words you write.

  3. Hope he had a happy one! We missed you on Sunday...and apple cake...Hope to see you soon!

  4. Such a cutie! Just realized we are celebrating quite a few bdays at the same time - Max and Kid 3 in June, Us in Sept., and Brett and kid 4 in December - Brett's was on Monday! Happy times - love experiencing you through your blog. We won't make it out after Christmas this year - too many years of vacation flu bugs :(. But we will be out in March for Spring break - can we play then???

  5. Oh, Happy Birthday sweet boy, wish I would have remembered or read this blog yesterday and then I could have told you in person. Lucky boy to spend the day with mom and dad. Sorry about Bethany calling you Wyatt, I think she is trying to say Wilhite, crazy girl.


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