Saturday, December 19, 2009

Clean It Like You Mean It

I belong to a church of volunteers, which means that
when something needs doing,
it gets done by the congregation.
Teaching, music, all those sermons and talks, all of it.
By the people and for the people.

And also the bathrooms.

I just got home from cleaning the church with my family.
And I may have witnessed a miracle.
Kids were scrubbing toilets polishing sinks and mirrors,
vacuuming, washing windows. Washing windows, I tell you.

And then? I heard these words. "What should I do next?"

So how do I harness this? They worked hard, fast, and willingly *
because they were cleaning God's house.
Any chance they'd believe He lives here?

*at least for the first hour


  1. If you figure out a way to trick them at home, be sure and share the secrets of your success. I could use a little elbow grease over here too!

  2. In my house the "Pick up all your toys before I vacuum them up" approach is working fairly well. I figure I have another couple months before I have to develop a new strategy...


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