Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Mojo Has Returned

Remember how I love writing? I think I forgot for a while. But waking at 5.30 to knock out a few hundred words used to be a thrill for me. There's nothing like crossing off a major list item before the kids are even moving. It makes me feel like super-lady. Femme Fabulosa. Woman Extraordinaire. The thrill was gone for a while, but it's back. The muse has returned, and she's singing again. I am happy to report that words are coming. They may be total first-draft words, but they are words. Hundreds of them at a time.

In other news, galley proofing is moving along nicely. And as a little treat for you, my friends, a Ridiculous Romantic Obsessions mini-exerpt*:

"Can teeth sweat?"

*Ally Carter does this, and I think it's fun. So now I do it. See how that works? We call it "sharing."

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  1. What a sweet feeling it is to have one's muse return - I'm so glad for you!


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