Sunday, October 25, 2009

Busy Time

I love, love it when there's nothing to do.

Sometimes I get a paralyzing, breath-constricting, sleep-stealing anxiety when there is too much going on. Like now. Somehow I thought that spending the past hour writing it all down would calm me. If I could get it on a schedule, I reasoned, it would all seem more do-able.


Now it looks like even more. And some of it is really important. Some of it is necessary -- a commitment. Some of it is delegate-able. And it will all happen. Somehow, over the next three weeks, it will all shake out and get done and be fine.

And I'll remember how to breathe.


  1. Prayin' for you Becca. I hope it all settles down soon.

  2. To Do lists are such a double-edged sword. I prefer to write down what I've accomplished instead of what's still looming over me, but then I tend to forget what NEEDS doing as a consequence of that.

    Hope the next few weeks pass quickly, and as sanely as possible!


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