Monday, October 12, 2009


So I sent Kid 1 on a 3-day school trip to a Shakespeare competition and drama workshop (just in case we need a little more drama around here*). She took my cell phone** which she used frequently, and her copy of Les Miserables, which she looked at for possibly 2 pages. She rode hours on a bus with friends of both the female and male persuasion (gulp). She saw a production of AIDA. Here is her review:

"I had awesomeness chills."

She reports that she sat there with her mouth open for the entire show. There were fireworks. Amazing dancing. Music to bring tears to her eyes. There was a waterfall ON STAGE. Awesomeness chills, indeed.

She also saw MacBeth and a show called "The Complete Works of Shakespeare, Abridged***", and can throw out names like Othello and Desdemona at will. How cute is that? For a nerd like me, excellent.

So Hooray for safe returns of firstborn children. Hooray for exposure to the arts. Hooray for stretching and growing and having dreams and goals. Hooray for kids who love the Theatre (because sometimes it's just cooler to spell it that way).

* Clearly, we do.
** Because she doesn't have one of her own - yes, I am the world's meanest Mom.
*** Have I mentioned that I wrote something very like that for my WIP? Funny. The coincidence, not so much my WIP. Yet.


  1. I LOVED the Shakespeare fun! memories of awesomeness chills...;)

  2. The Complete Works of Shakespeare Abridged is hilarious. We saw it this summer. Lucky girl.

  3. I have chills of awesomeness just reading your post. And hooray for you for not giving her a cell phone of her own!

  4. That's so cool! I've never seen the Complete Works of Shakespeare Abridged but it sounds awesome. =]

  5. I love being Canadian and getting to spell things with my E and R reversed like that.

    Awesomeness chills - oh yes indeed! That's how I felt when I saw Les Mis for the first time a few months ago...


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