Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Help! Help!

Okay, it's not like this is an emergency. I don't need anyone's kidney. Just really great ideas for yearbook themes.

My WIP needs a terrific yearbook theme, and I've got nothing. If you leave me theme ideas, the greatest one will be in my book, and will even be the title (*gasp*) if it rocks my socks. And also the contributor who sends this remarkable theme will win something, um, great. Which will be determined at some point after the sun comes out. Which I am sure it will do eventually, even though it is very dark and howly right now.

Okay, blog-friends -- Yearbook Theme away!

Oh, and thanks. You know, for all your help.


  1. Crap. I have no ideas. I'll come back with something once my brain warms up!

  2. Uh, I can't help. My senior year, the theme was "Victoria's Secret" with a faux leather green cover and fancy gold leaf lettering. It sounds totally inappropriate, and it was, but it was also because our school was on Victoria Avenue. I think the secret was that our school was awesome or something. But really--a lingerie tie in for high school?

  3. Life's a Stage? Lots of hollywood glam to go along with?

  4. First of all, what were you doing up at 5:11 a.m.?

    Second of all, get ready to have your socks rocked. After I come up with some ideas.

    Third of all: Thai food at a place called Bangkok Grill (next to Zurchers in Orem). Hole in the wall, tasty food. Isn't that usually how it goes? I say we go some time soon. Do I predict a double date in our future?

  5. I'm so off line right now (family's in town....) but I actually remember some of my yearbook themes, so I've got to share:
    We've got the power
    The pride is alive
    These are the years

    Have you tried googling yearbook themes? I found a ton (actually too many). What are the themes of your book? (if you need a reader...)

  6. Okay. I just thought of this today. Think reality t.v. You can call the theme either "Reality Check" or "The Real Students of fill-in-the-blank High." You title the sports sections Survivors, The Biggest Winners, The Amazing Racers, etc. Social Life includes Dancing with the Students, So We Think We Can Dance. Music pages are called Fill-in-the-blank Idols. Within the margins of the yearbook I imagine little stats called "reality checks." You know, things like who won the world series that year, who won what elections, etc...

    By the way, I HATE reality T.V.

  7. A New Age
    Time to Remember
    Whole New Chapter
    Bits and Pieces
    Black Canvas
    Composing your Future

    Those are a few I dunno. I like Bits and Piece and Composing your Future best. but anyhow.


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