Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Can I be overextended even when we don't really do anything? It is possible. I have a pretty firm rule that each kid can only do one extra-curricular at a time (mainly for budget reasons, but also for sanity) and we usually keep life fairly in control. But there are hours (last night, for instance) when Organization and Planning both sit back and laugh at me.

The oldest had a surprise meeting at 6. The third had a family party at school, with a jump rope team performance. And apparently "the top of my Christmas list is a jump rope. They're selling them at the party. I sure wish I could get one." Party also at 6. Second and fourth were happy to attend.

(Disclaimer: I know perfectly well how to say no. I think it's my most commonly used word. But I try to let them do something fun once in a while, especially when it's free.)

At 6.40 it was time to head over to the stage to be a Singing Virgin. It's not as cool as it sounds. I'm in a "Parable of the 10 Virgins" musical that is turning out to be more of an eternal commitment than I had any idea. And my oldest has become chief lighting technician for the production. SHe can work a spot like nobody's business.

So I left two, three and four at the school (under the careful supervision of a few friends -- mine-- who were in another room), went to my performance -- did I mention I was sick? -- and when I came home, not only were all three unattended kids home, they'd packed school lunches for next day, and were in their beds and ACTUALLY SLEEPING! How about that?

So I guess even when I have to do more than I'd like (more than sit home and read books to my kids by the fire) I can count on these great kiddies to step it up and get the jobs done. Yeah for them!

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