Thursday, November 13, 2008

Five-year-old Boys

I love five-year-old boys. And the ones that are almost five, and to tell you the truth, I rather liked them when they were three, and two...

Case in point: Matthew has his buddy Dallen over today, and they are listening to Sandra Boynton's second best CD "Dog Train" (see also "Philadelphia Chickens" and "Blue Moo"). The iPod is playing on random -- don't ask me why -- and they've been patiently waiting for their favorite song, "Pots and Pans" as performed by The Bacon Brothers. Naturally it comes out to play as #17 of 17, so I get to watch them act out "I Need a Nap" (courtesy Weird Al and Kate Winslet) and "Settle Down" by Hootie and the Blowfish. Among others. And now the song has finally come. Out come two sauce pans, a metal colander, and a large collections of tea and soup spoons. And they jam. Twice. I take a little video and snap a couple quick photos. Maybe someday I'll become wiser than the technology and post those cute things.

Meanwhile, I could just eat these two little guys up (maybe over a PB&J and Allison Krause singing "Evermore").

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