Saturday, November 15, 2008

Agent thingies

So people who have agents say that the rest of us must-must have them too. Is this like me telling everyone that the Gruyere cheese from Costco is ridiculously superior to gruyere cheese anywhere else? Just because I like it, you should like it, too?


But today an agent told me I should have an agent.

I think he meant him.

The following things he really said and I am not making them up (hence the quotations):
"___ writes in the same style as you, but you are a much better writer."
"Your submission was my favorite that I read for this conference." (In fairness, how would I know if he said that to everyone? I grinned like an idiot anyway)
"Your career"
"Your next book"
"Change" (Just so you don't think I'm being unrealistic)
And finally, "Don't you know that paragraphs should be indented?" To which the answer is, "Yeah, theoretically."

I am still slightly giddy with positive attention and outside validation lo these nine hours later.

I'm going to give his "overhaul" suggestion a try in my next draft, and if it works, I'll send it on to him. Because he wants it. Because I'm great.

On a related but nonlinear note, I looked really great both last night and today at these schmooze meetings, mostly thanks to Bonnie's generous accessorizing assistance. It's so good to have a friend.

And also, I have a new friend called Annie Valentine who is selling hysterical shirts for the "Twilight" movie opening. Find her at or you will laugh, assuming you have any sense of humor whatsoever.

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