Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Still Feeling Thankful

So today, I'm feeling really grateful for forgiveness. In the big ways, and also in the small ways. I'm thankful for God's way of accepting my too-small offerings. His mercy. His generosity. His continuousness.

And I'm grateful for others who forgive my constant, stupid, small and huge offenses.

For instance, my adorable friend had a baby this week. In a fit of resourcefulness, I managed to leave my little valley to visit her and her perfect son in the hospital. We snuggled her baby, we laughed, we visited, and it was great. I, being the kind of girl I am, offered to bring her family dinner after she got home. Which would be last night. Last night. The night I did not remember to feed anyone who lives outside my own kitchen.


I am an idiot. This is clear over and over, to anyone who knows me even a little bit. But I know that my friend's family did not starve. At least I'm pretty sure, and I'll call to make completely sure as soon as the sun is over the mountain. And then I'll bring actual dinner, and she'll forgive my stupidity, and everything will be okay (even if she never *quite* trusts me again to feed her children).

And I'm grateful.


  1. It's the 'no responsibility' feeling that kicks in because of Thanksgiving week. It comes along whenever the kids are out of school and you realize you all get a break from life. I did the same thing yesterday. My son's piano teacher called and asked specifically if we could do piano yesterday to make up a few missed days. I said yes, no problem and then promptly forgot. So I'm thankful for forgiveness too. Though she hasn't returned my messages yet...

  2. I think this is one of my biggest feelings of gratitude toward God. I'm so grateful He forgives my mistakes. I'd never be anywhere if I couldn't overcome who I've been.
    I'm sure your friend will understand. You have such a giving heart, Becca. Who couldn't love you for it?


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