Monday, November 9, 2009

Fighting Style

I've been writing a fight - not physical, and not even an argument. It's a silent avoidance, and sometimes those can be the most painful. Someone is keeping a secret. Someone else makes (totally incorrect) assumptions. Everyone feels bad, bad.

Are you a confronter? Or an avoider? What about the people in your house? Same as you, or different?

And, if you care: Here's a little NaNo update: I'm at 15, 771 this morning!


  1. Congrats on your Nano output. That's great.

    I miss doing Nano this year, but with all my writing deadlines and travelling, it didn't make sense.

    Fighting -- I have years of experience in theatre, so when I write a physical fight scene, I call up some friends, rent a studio and we work it out. Then I write it down, move by move, and cut out the boring bits.

    In my life, nothing enrages me more than passive aggressive behavior. I'd much rather have it all out on the table.

    I hate confrontation, but I'll do it. I'd rather clear the air.

  2. I have to confess to being a bit passive myself, though this is one of the big facts of my existence that has slowly been changing over the years. I'm able to say things I couldn't have contemplated saying years ago. Confrontation, while something I still wince and grimace over, isn't beyond me like it once was. Learning to clear the air kindly is something I still struggle with. There's a definite temptation to be blunt when the shackles of Passive-Aggressiveness have finally been overcome.

    Congrats on your progress!

  3. I've mostly been an avoider but I'm changing it up a bit. It's kind of scary to see how people react to it.
    Way to rock Nano! Keep it up!

  4. When I am unhappy I think almost everyone knows. I'm a little over expressive.

    Becca I bought Bright Blue Miracle yesterday and read two chapters in the car while little princess was sleeping. I love it. I loved Your characters description of what a best friend should be. Because that was spot on for my best friend. I just got back from her wedding. It made me smile.
    I am looking forward to finding more reading time.

    Keep up the NaNoMo writing.

  5. I'm neither confrontational nor passive aggressive. I keep it all bottled up inside until I need to throw a few things across the room (in private, of course). Congrats by the way on all your stuff. Yay for stuff!


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