Monday, December 22, 2008


My girls just answered the door (a neighbor bringing Christmas goodies) and hauled in a small box.

"Mom, it's for you."

Funny. I didn't order anything lately. All my Amazon purchases arrived weeks ago.

"Here. It's really heavy. You carry it."

It had a postmark. From Salt Lake City. Specifically, from Deseret Book. Now I KNOW I didn't order this. And it is heavy, for a 12-inch cube. It has grandma tape on it, the kind with threads running through the tape so nobody can sneak a peek at your stuff. I fingered the tape as my oldest glanced at the side.

Where it said the words "Bright" and "Blue" and "Miracle."

Naturally there were no scissors to be found in the kitchen, so she tossed me some nail clippers with the file/cleaner thingie pulled out. I sliced open the box and pulled out the first copies of MY VERY OWN BOOK.

Let's just take a second to let that all sink in.

I'll wait till you're ready.

(seriously, I'm just sitting here at the computer, feeling a little giddy, but mostly just GLAD, and waiting for you to gasp with delight, or at least nod your head in agreeability)

Here are my first reactions:

The books are cold.
And small.
And paperback.
And pretty.
And mine.


Wow, huh? I mean, big, big wow.

I'm anticipating that you are all thrilled with me, so thanks.

Bright Blue Miracle, by Becca Wilhite. How fun is that?

And wow. Big Wow.

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  1. SO SO SO SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!! Can't wait to buy one for myself, my friends, and family. You are awesome!!! Merry Christmas. Love

    Ha in order to post this, I have to type in a word for verification, it is repent, a message for me? Hee hee


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