Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Happy Birthday to me!

Yesterday I turned 35. I'm a day and a half into it, and I have to say, so far it's great.

Let me just tell you this.... Having a birthday when your husband is out of town is a very good idea, giftwise.

We are not big gifters at our house. We love presents, but we love our budget even more. We don't give jewels or vacations or furniture or major electronics. But absentee guilt propelled serious present buying this year, comparatively speaking. Here is what I got for my birthday:

A new set of dishes, clean, white, and chipless--with serving pieces.
A hot-air popcorn popper (our wedding gift one died last week).
A Cuisinart countertop ice cream maker (no ice needed, done in 25 minutes).
Ben and Jerry's ice cream cookbook.
More phone calls and emails than I knew what to do with -- guilt had prompted Scott to mass email all my contacts (almost, Jana edited out a few of them) and he told them all to write or call or text. That was a riot.
I went out for lunch with Kristy, and she brought yummy-smelly lotions.
Bonnie brought the cutest dip bowl shaped like an avocado.
Robin brought chips and homemade salsa.
Michelle gave me a cute decoration.
Dad and Mimi and Grandma Wright took us (me and the kiddos) out to Shoots -- great Chinese in Riverwoods, plus early dessert with the sisters, plus a potted orange Gerber daisy.
Scott's parents hosted a family dinner of really good enchiladas and gave me cash (woohoo!).
Karen gave me chips and homemade salsa, apples and caramel dip, a chocolate sheet cake, and wants to bring in dinner later this week.
Elizabeth made luscious gooey chocolate cake loaves and brought a bouquet of gerber daisies.
Jen gave me a pedicure set and a plate of very rich brownies.
Lori gave me a tall candle in fall orange, green and yellow.
Wendy put together a gorgeous basket of apples and caramel.
Plus, tomorrow I'm going out to lunch again with several friends.
And plus again, I'm going out for lunch with different friends on Friday.

Holy cow! This is not normal.

And I love it!


  1. What? You had a birthday? Happy Day to you! You deserved it all. Cute blog!

  2. Happy Birthday Becca! We should party at our next meeting.


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